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What is your current level of experience/knowledge with Internet Marketing?
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What is the overall goal you wish to achieve with Internet Marketing? Check all that apply.
I want to learn it for personal betterment.
I want to learn it so I don't have to hire somebody else to do it.
I want to increasing my revenue.
I want to improve our branding and awareness.
I want to take my business online.
I want to get a Marketing position or get promoted.
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Internet Marketing
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Individual Certification Program

Internet Marketing Certification Program

Becoming a Certified Internet Marketing Professional is within reach. Position yourself ahead of the competition by enrolling in the Internet Marketing Certification Program at IMA.

Whether you are starting your own business, running a blog/website or looking to gain new skills for your career, the Internet Marketing Certification Program for Individuals will equip you with a solid understanding of today’s leading Internet Marketing practices.

Your education from the Internet Marketing Academy of Canada will provide the knowledge you need to excel in this industry and be recognized as Certified Professional.

Program Delivery

The Internet Marketing Certification Course for Individuals is an interactive program, that can be completed entirely online through the MyIMA Student Resource Centre. These teaching tools are yours to keep and serve as a resource for future reference throughout your Internet Marketing career.

This course is delivered in 3 steps:

1. Internet Marketing Theory

You will be guided through the eleven major branches of Internet Marketing.Find out about them by selection one of the “areas of study” located on the menu to your left. Each of these Internet Marketing branches are explained using a simple, clear approach. Upon completing the Internet Marketing Theory portion of the program, you will understand their purpose, how to use them and how they will garner results for you.

2. The 30 Day Plan

Here’s where you put your newly acquired knowledge to the test. The 30 Day Marketing Plan is a hands-on, interactive, educational tool. You are given a daily schedule of Internet Marketing initiatives that you will perform on a live website, giving you real-world experience and providing real results.

3. The Final Exam

The last step to becoming a Certified Professional. Upon successful completion of the Final Exam, you will receive your Certification and be recognized as an Internet Marketing Professional. But before you take the exam, you will be given a Practice Exam to ensure you’re ready, and improve your chances of success.

That’s it! Three simple steps and you’re on your way to becoming a Certified Professional. And remember the Internet Marketing Academy is by your side every step of the way, simply access the Marketing Forum to communicate with IMA faculty and staff, marketing professionals and other students.


Becoming Certified gives you the confidence you need to land the job you want, get the promotion you deserve, or to succeed as an entrepreneur. Your Certificate from the Internet Marketing Academy of Canada allows your skills to stand out from the crowd.

As an Internet Marketing Certified Expert your knowledge and skills will be recognized within Canada and globally. Upon successful completion of the program you will receive your certification and diploma as well as a letter of recommendation from the Internet Marketing Academy of Canada, to attest to your qualifications.

Program Length

IMA’s Internet Marketing Certification Program operates on an open-ended basis. Students of the program are provided with all the required documentation and study tools upon enrollment, and are able to get through the program at their own desired pace.

The expected time frame for completion is roughly 3-4 weeks, however some students complete the program in as little as 7 days, while others in one month. The length of study until completion is entirely dependent on the amount of time the student can dedicate to the program.


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Happy graduates are how we determine our own success. Read any of the below success stories and see what IMA can do for you.
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