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Article & Content Marketing

Content marketing goes by a number of names and entails many methods used by marketers to promote a product or service.

Content marketing is a technique used to create and distribute relevant, valuable content that in return attracts the target audience with the overall goal of achieving a conversion; whether it be a sale, a lead or a visitor to your website. Content marketing plays a very important role in a business’ overall marketing strategy, as it is one of the major components. In order for a website, or any marketing campaign to be effective, content is required. Content isn’t always text, it can appear in the form of articles, audio files, video files, graphics and pretty much anything that engages an audience to stick around.

The web is very rich in content. For a website owner, achieving a high rank in search engines is likely the end goal for developing content. With the right content added to your website, you are much more likely to obtain a higher authorship rank and be considered an authority on the web. Your target audience would visit your website, and with informative content you are more likely to convert.

Why learn Article and Content Marketing?

After developing a website for your business you must populate it with content. Truly understanding the importance of content marketing doesn’t come easily to many business and website owners, and for this reason many of them fail to achieve their desired level of success.

Content is what attracts an audience to your website and business, it is also what keeps your visitors engaged and interested on your site. However, having visitors on your website doesn’t always lead to sales or conversions. Content plays a major role. With high quality, informative and relevant content you can attract the right audience and, depending on your business/website model, you will need unique content geared towards your audience in order to convert. All this is can be learned through the strategies of article and content marketing taught at IMA.

An understanding of how content marketing works, and how it is in-fact is a major marketing methodology, is the foundation for your online success; not only from the perspective of search engines but in the eyes of your audience as well. At the end of the day, your audience determines the success of your website or business.

What you will learn

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced internet marketer, IMA’s Article and Content Marketing Course will teach you the techniques beyond the basics of content marketing, in order to provide you with advanced strategies that garner top-level results. You will understand how to achieve higher website rankings, increased website traffic, and improved credibility and reputation.

Industry experts will show you:

  • The fundamentals of article and content marketing
  • Different types of content marketing
  • Different content marketing methods
  • Components of article and content marketing
  • The Do’s and dont’s of content marketing
  • Understanding your audience and setting goals
  • Understanding your industry and trends
  • Your content marketing strategy
  • Analyzing your keywords, content and success
  • and much more…

How you will learn?

The Internet Marketing Academy of Canada prides itself on offering a curriculum that is 100% online . Upon registering for the Article and Content Marketing course, you will get instant access to learning materials that contain a number of resources for you to best learn the practices of this methodology.

  • 100% Online Access
  • Structured Study Material
  • Streaming Video Lessons
  • Practical Exercises and Case Studies
  • Subscription to Article and Content Marketing Email Newsletter
  • Ask the Marketing Experts Forum
  • 24/7 Faculty Monitoring
  • Opportunity to gain access to other marketing disciplines
  • Upgrade to Certification through Full Program Registration


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