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Analytics & Conversions Training

Analyzing, Optimizing and Converting

Internet marketing offers multiple means for a business owner to generate revenue, capture leads and attract attention online. Whether the business’ strategy is search engine optimization, email marketing, social media, paid marketing or even offline – tracking the success of these campaigns, and analyzing the statistics is of the utmost importance for success. One advantage of having your business online is the ability to track, improve and test everything.

Your website analysis and conversion tracking is in fact a determining factor for whether your business fails or succeeds online. Understanding these metrics is not a simple task, however those who have the knowledge, find success. Experienced internet marketers analyze, optimize and increase conversion rates on an on-going basis before, during and after each campaign.

Why learn Analytics and Conversions

Many business owners fail in their online marketing efforts for one key reason: they place all their efforts into getting users to visit their website and then hope for the best, when in fact this is only the first step of the online marketing process. The marketing process is a cycle. It begins with the creation of an original campaign plan, once mapped out the campaign is launched, we then collect statistics and data for analysis and optimize based on these new insights. Then we perform this process all over again. It is an on-going cycle which ensures conversion is in a constant state of improvement.

Why learn how to analyze, optimize and track conversions better? In simple terms, to succeed online with any campaign.

Having a larger marketing budget doesn’t necessarily mean success. In fact, small budgets are more likely to see better conversions than larger budgets, because its easier to track and analyze their progress.

Learning how to properly analyze your marketing campaigns, how to optimize based on your analysis, and how to track your conversion rates will not only save you money in the long run, but will also train you to become a better internet marketer, more aware of how effective each of your campaigns are. You’ll know what works and what doesn’t, and best of all – you will know why. IMA’s Analytics & Conversions course covers all aspects of conversion tracking, analysis and optimization while preparing you for the real world through case studies, tested methods, strategies and tips.

What you will learn?

After completion of the website analytics and conversion course you will understand the essential elements of what you need to look for when analyzing your website and marketing campaigns. From segmenting your users, tracking behaviors, analyzing your conversions, your traffic, your website and even finding visible trends – you will be prepared to fully optimize your campaigns for the best performance and the highest possible ROI.

  • The fundamentals of analytics and conversions
  • Marketing life cycle
  • Implementation of your campaigns
  • Data and statistic collection
  • Analyzing data and statistics
  • Optimizing and re-resting campaigns
  • Tools and resources to use
  • and much more…

How you will learn?

The Internet Marketing Academy of Canada prides itself on offering a curriculum that is 100% online . Upon registering for the Analytics and Conversion Marketing course, you will get instant access to learning materials that contain a number of resources for you to best learn the practices of this methodology.

  • 100% Online Access
  • Structured Study Material
  • Streaming Video Lessons
  • Practical Exercises and Case Studies
  • Subscription to Analytics and Conversions Email Newsletter
  • Ask the Marketing Experts Forum
  • 24/7 Faculty Monitoring
  • Opportunity to gain access to other marketing disciplines
  • Upgrade to Certification through Full Program Registration


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